Carbon Utilization Storage Partnership (CUSP) of the Western United States
CUSP is a Department of Energy-funded Regional Initiative established to accelerate onshore CCUS technology deployment in the Western Region of the United States. The CUSP project is a research consortium of all or parts of 13 states, consisting of organizations throughout the western United States including academia, government agencies, national laboratories, and industry.
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Join the Western U.S. Carbon Capture, Use and Storage (CCUS) lead institutions and industries for three days of tech talks, workshops and field trips to advance our world toward net-zero carbon emissions!
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CarbonSAFE Initiative
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CUSP Video Series

Look at our latest CUSP video showcasing the work Kansas Geological Survey is carrying out to develop Carbon Capture and Sequestration research and projects within the CUSP partnership.

Programmatic Goals of The CUSP

  • Accelerate onshore CCUS technology deployment in the Western Region of the United States.
  • Coordinate capabilities and experience within (and outside of) CUSP region to accelerate CCUS deployment in four key activities
    • Addressing key technical challenges
    • Facilitating data collection, sharing and analysis
    • Evaluating regional infrastructure
    • Promoting regional technology transfer

 Technical Objectives

  • Improve the understanding of the impacts of CO2 injection/storage
  • Ensure safe, secure, efficient and affordable CO2 injection/containment
  • Support development and validation of NRAP tools
  • Participate in the development of Machine Learning-based tools/methods