CUSP 2023 Annual Meeting Presentations

Annual Meeting Welcome

Jay Kalbas

Carbon Management Overview

Sarah Forbes

CUSP Overview 2023

Robert Balch

UIC Class VI Program

Ben Meissner

Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV)

Candace Cady

45Q Tax Credit

Dr. Robert Balch

Navigating NEPA for Carbon Capture Project Developments

Grady Wolf & Ashley Ross

Application for NRAP Passive Seismic Monitoring Tool

Lianjie Huang

Wellbore Design for Risk Management & Financial Viability

Gary Fisher

Applied CO2 Mineralization Opportunities and Challenges

Todd Schaef, Ross Cao, and Mark White

Basalt for Carbon Sequestration Update to WGS

William Gallin

Advancements in Equity and Environmental Justice

Jessi Eidbo

Targa Red Hills AGI Project

Matt Eales

Core Analysis for CCS

Joel Walls

Leap Project

Brian McPherson

The Impact of IRA on CO2 Transportation Infrastructure

Ahmmed Bulbul

CO2 Storage Opportunities in Northern Platform of Permian Basin

Robert Webster

A Proven Alternative to Chrome Alloy Tubing

Eric Nichols

CUSP 2023 State Updates Presentations