CUSP 2022 Annual Meeting Panelist

Arizona CCUS

Dr. Brian Gootee

California CCUS

Dr. Elliot Kim

Carbon Solutions updates

Dr. Richard Middleton

Colorado CCUS

Dr. Daisy Ning

Environmental & Social Justice

Dr. Erin Middleton

Introduction to 45Q Tax Credit

Dr. Robert Balch

Introduction to EPA Class VI

Candace Cady

Kansas CCUS

Dr. Franek Hasiuk

Lucid Energy Red Hills AGI Project

Matt Eales

CUSP Analytics Working Group

Dr. Sean Yaw

Nevada CCUS

Steve Bacon

Coming soon

New Mexico CCUS

Dr. Dana Ulmer-Scholle


Dr. Rouzbeh Moghanloo

Coming soon

Texas CCUS

Dr. Miles Henderson

Coming soon


Dr Richard Esser

Coming soon

Biomass & CCS in Washington

Dr. Will Gallin