CUSP Annual Meeting 2023

20-22 June 2023

Thank you to all who attended this years meeting! We will see you next year!

The CUSP-West 2023 Annual Meeting turnout was perfect to meet academia, government agencies, national laboratories, and industries that pioneer CCUS deployment in the western U.S. 

The Meeting brought together like-minded individuals to grow their knowledge of CCUS on the technical, economic, societal, regulatory and political aspects.

Meeting Overview

The Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Western United States (CUSP-West) and Kansas Geological Survey hosted the 6th annual Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage conference in Lawrence, Kansas from June 20-22nd. The CUSP-West is a Department of Energy-funded regional partnership and this years meeting covered many topics important to industry, legislators, and academia.

Individuals from the 14-state partnership, cross-cutting industries and national organizations participated in this event, including representatives from industry (e.g., power generation, ethanol, pipeline, oil and gas, waste management), regulatory and public policy organizations, governmental officials, and internationally acclaimed scientists leading pioneering CCUS research and applied projects.

We provided an open forum environment where current issues and ideas related to the CCUS industry were shared. Main topics of discussion were:

  1. Shovel-ready sites for CCUS project development and potential economic opportunities for state economies; 
  2. NEPA and MRV requirements; and 
  3. Legal and regulatory changes that could enable the growth of the CCUS space and ensure safety and security of operations.

The breakout sessions will offered participants to engage in candid discussions about CCUS challenges and brainstorm solutions with some of the nation’s top CCUS researchers.

Guests also had access to a technical poster session to review the latest developments at industry partner sites across the project region. The entertainment we showcased were local breweries, eateries, and business in some of Lawrence’s most beautiful settings along the Kaw River! As the gateway to the West, we were so excited to welcome you to scenic Lawrence, Kansas in June! Thanks again to all who attended! 

Annual Meeting Sessions 

The gallery below shows attendees and presenters from the poster session and the presentation session.

Check out the posters from the session: Annual Meeting Posters 

Check out the presentations from the session: Annual Meeting Presentations

Ice breaker session

During day one of the annual meeting in Kansas, the CUSP hosted an ice breaker session. The ice breaker session included many food and drink options that are local to Lawrence Kansas. The photos that were taken captured a few moments from the session

Annual Meeting Feedback

Check out the feedback received from a few attendees 

“Extremely progressive and positive thinking atmosphere. Venue was completely appropriate. Ideal for networking in the CCS space. CUSP team obviously put a lot of effort into the meeting. Overall the content, venues for socializing, and field trips were excellent. Attendees and presentations were of very high quality.”

“Great meeting. The best part was the amount of time allotted for networking and conversations. There were many interesting talks too. I appreciate the organizers’ attention to detail in facilitating conversations (allowing breaks, providing meals and informal spaces to converse while eating, providing transportation from conference locations to dinner/social hour locations, booking a block of hotel rooms, and more).”

“I think the meeting was laid out well. The first day provided a more broad overview of the mission and state of CCUS. I really appreciated the discussion panel that included Steven Grey, I think input like what he provided are going to be key to implementing projects and infrastructure development with the acceptance and participation from traditionally marginalized groups. The second day proved a good variety of speakers from academia, state, and industry. The social events and poster session were very good opportunities for networking and discussion.”

“This was one of the best run conference’s I’ve ever attended! Well done Jean-Lucien and Jenn.”

“Excellent! Given the uncertainty over BP3, I was blown away with the success. imagine how many people will sign up next year from across the US. KGS (Jenn and others) did a great job hosting. I would not even object to do the same arrangements again”

“This is a well run and organized event. I thought the team from Kansas did a super job.”

About CUSP

The CUSP is one of the four regional initiatives established to support the mission of the U.S. Department of Energy/National Energy Technology Laboratory Carbon Storage and Transport Program. The regional initiatives facilitate and integrate information for their respective regions to accelerate carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) deployment. CUSP is a Department of Energy-funded Regional Initiative established to accelerate onshore CCUS technology deployment in the Western Region of the United States. The CUSP project is a broad coalition of partners consisting of organizations throughout the western United States including academia, government agencies, national laboratories, and industry. To learn more about CUSP partners visit our partners page.