CUSP Focused Projects

Arizona Geological Survey

Brian F. Gootee

Characterization of CO2 storage potential in Harquahala basin, western central Arizona

Colorado School of Mines

Ali Tura

Feasibility Study of a Potential CCUS Project in Colorado

Desert Research Institute & Carbon Solutions

Steven Bacon & Jonathan Ogland-Hand

Regional-Scale Assessment of CO2 Geological Storage in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Reservoirs of Nevada

Kansas Geological Survey

Franek Hasiuk

CCS Hub 2.0 Concept for ONEOK

Montana State University & Carbon Solution

Sean Yaw & Richard Middleton

Planning Amongst Uncertainty:
Designing CCS Infrastructure Resilient to
Capture, Transport, and Storage Uncertainty

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Dana Ulmer-Scholle & Sai Wang

Site Characterization for CO2 storage to Support Escalante Hydrogen Power Plant Project

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Matthew Eals & George El-Kaseeh

Lucid Energy Group: Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Southwest Project

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Todd Schaef

Derisking CO2 Mineralization Storage in Basalt Reservoirs

Stanford University

Tony Kovscek

Laying the Cornerstones of a Regional Storage Hub in California

Oklahoma University

Rouzbeh Moghanloo

From Site to State: Design of an Integrated CCS Operation in a Complex Geological Structure in Osage County, Oklahoma

University of Utah

Kevin Mccormack

Laboratory Feasibility Study for Eventual Field Deployment of a Downhole Source Tomographic Design for CO2 Plume Detection

University of Utah​

Brian McPherson

CCS at the Iron Mountain Iron Mine and Direct Reduced Iron Processing Plant, Southern Utah