CUSP Focused Projects

The current CUSP projects are focused on developing the following topics:

  1. CCUS Feasibility Study
  2. EPA Class VI – MRV – 45Q
  3. CCUS in Geothermal Reservoirs
  4. CCUS to Produce ‘Blue’ Hydrogen
  5. CCUS in Basalts
  6. CO2 Plume Detection

1. CCUS Feasibility Study

Characterization of CO2 storage potential in Harquahala basin, western central Arizona

Brian F. Gootee

Arizona Geological Survey 

Feasibility Study of a Potential CCUS Project in Colorado

Ali Tura

Colorado School of Mines

CCS Hub 2.0 Concept for ONEOK

Franek Hasiuk

Kansas Geological Survey

From Site to State: Design of an Integrated CCS Operation in a Complex Geological
Structure in Osage
County, Oklahoma

Rouzbeh Moghanloo

Oklahoma University

Planning Amongst Uncertainty: Designing CCS Infrastructure Resilient to Capture, Transport, and Storage Uncertainty

Sean Yaw & Richard Middleton

Montana State University & Carbon Solution 

Laying the Cornerstones of a Regional Storage Hub in California

Tony Kovscek

Stanford University

CCS at the Iron Mountain Iron Mine and Direct Reduced Iron Processing Plant, Southern Utah

Brian McPherson

University of Utah​

2. EPA Class VI - MRV - 45Q

Targa: Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Southwest Project

Matthew Eals & George El-Kaseeh

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

3. CCUS in geothermal reservoirs

Regional-Scale Assessment of CO2 Geological Storage in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Reservoirs of Nevada

Steven Bacon & Jonathan Ogland-Hand

Desert Research Institute & Carbon Solutions

4. CCUS to produce 'Blue' Hydrogen

Site Characterization for CO2 storage to Support Escalante Hydrogen Power Plant Project

Dana Ulmer-Scholle & Sai Wang

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

5. CCUS in Basalts

Derisking CO2 Mineralization Storage in Basalt Reservoirs

Todd Schaef

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

6. CO2 Plume Detection

Laboratory Feasibility Study for Eventual Field Deployment of a Downhole Source Tomographic Design for CO2 Plume Detection

Kevin Mccormack

University of Utah