What is CUSP West?

The CUSP West, Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership is a Department of Energy-funded initiative that has been established with the goal of expediting the deployment of onshore Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) technologies in the Western Region of the United States. This ambitious project brings together a consortium of organizations from academia, government agencies, national laboratories, and industry across the western United States, representing all or parts of 13 states.


The primary objective of CUSP is to expedite the implementation of onshore CCUS technologies in the Western Region of the United States. To achieve this goal, CUSP focuses on coordinating and leveraging the collective capabilities and expertise both within and outside of the region.

This collaborative effort aims to accelerate CCUS deployment by addressing key technical challenges

  1. Overcoming Technical Challenges: CUSP focuses on resolving key technical hurdles associated with CCUS technologies. 

  2. Enhancing Data Collection and Analysis: CUSP facilitates the collection, sharing, and analysis of valuable data related to CCUS. 

  3. Evaluating Regional Infrastructure: CUSP evaluates the existing infrastructure in the Western Region to identify potential opportunities and gaps for CCUS implementation. 

  4. Promoting Technology Transfer: CUSP actively promotes the transfer of CCUS technologies within the region. The partnership encourages the adoption of advanced carbon capture and storage solutions.

                     Technical Objectives

  • Enhance understanding of the impacts of CO2 injection and storage.
  • Ensure safe, secure, efficient, and affordable CO2 injection and containment.
  • Support the development and validation of NRAP tools (National Risk Assessment Partnership).
  • Contribute to the development of Machine Learning-based tools and methods.

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