CarbonSAFE Initiative

CarbonSAFE stands for Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise. The Initiative, supported by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), began in 2016 with the goal of expanding CCS deployment accross the U.S. Building upon the knowledge and experience of the Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships’ (RCSPs’), such as CUSP, this initiative is performing identification and detailed characterization of geologic storage sites.

The CarbonSAFE Initiative supports CCS projects from the feasibility study until the point of injection through the following phases:

  • Phase I: Integrated Pre-Feasibility Projects
  • Phase II: Storage Complex Feasibility Projects
  • Phase III: Site Characterization and Permitting
  • Phase IV: Construction

To learn more about the different Phases visit NETL CarbonSAFE overview or contact us to be involved and/or apply to be part of a CarbonSAFE project.

All active CarbonSAFE projects and publications can be found at the following link:

CUSP Support CarbonSAFE Initiatives

Many CUSP partners are involved in CarbonSAFE Initiatives over the Western U.S.

The CUSP team can help you to develop your CCS/CCUS project throughout the CarbonSAFE Initiative.

Contact us for more information!