Annual Meeting 2023 Poster Session

Pre-feasibility study for CO2 sequestration in Harquahala basin, southwestern Arizona

Tawnya Wilson, Lisa Thompson, Brian F. Gootee

Planning Amongst Uncertainty: Designing CCS Infrastructure Resilient to Capture, Transport, and Storage Uncertainty

Sean Yaw, Daniel Olson, Richard Middleton

CCS and the Net Zero Economy: National Infrastructure Carbonn Deserts, and Regional Storage Hubs

Richard Middleton, K. Cox, J. Duque, M. Ford, S. Henai, E. Middleton, M. Miranda, C. Talsme

Derisking CO2 Mineralization Storage in Basalt Reservoirs

Ross Cao, Quin Miller, Katherine Muller, Mark White, Todd Schaef

Technical Evaluation of CO2 Capture from an NGCC Power Plant and Sequestration in Saline Aquifers (Colorado)

Yanrui Daisy Ning, David Herman, Ali Tura, Jay Bridgeman

From Site to State: Design of an Integrated CCUS Operation in a Complex Geological Structure in Osage County, Oklahoma

Moghanloo R. G., Milad B., Nnamdi D., Hamzat A,

CUSP Midstream Operator Storage of CO2 (ONEOK): A CUSP Focused Project

Carrie Ridley, Franek Hasiuk, Jennifer Raney, Jason Eleson, Ibukun Bode-Omoleye, Hannah Proffitt, George Tsoflias, Mark White, Erin Middleton, Bailian Chen

Development and Utilization of Low-Cost Technology for Local Earthquake Monitoring

Hannah R. Proffitt and George P. Tsoflias

The Design of a Downhole Source Tomography Experiment for the Detection of CO2 Plumes in the Subsurface

Kevin McCormack, Bjorn Paulsson, Aric Edelman, Nathan Moodie, Ruiqing He, Brian McPherson

Site Characterization for Geologic Carbon Storage of CO2 from a Direct Reduced Iron Plant

Nathan Moodie, Eugene Szymanski, Son Dang, Chadra S. Rai, Emilio Torres, Michael D. Vanden Berg, Nicholas Hayman, Brian McPherson

Site Characterization for CO2 Storage to Support Escalante Hydrogen Power Plant Project

Ulmer-Scholle, D.S. Wang, S. and Tu, D., PRRC

Laying the Cornerstones of a Regional Storage Hub in California

Tae Wook (Elliot) Kim, Yunan Li, Arjun Kohli, Sean Yaw, Jessi Eidbo, Richard Middleton. Ryan Oneal, Marc Whitzell, Anthony Kovscek

Targa Northern Delaware: Carbon Utilization and Storage Partnership of the Southwest Project

George El-kaseeh, Matt Eales, Jean-Lucien Fonquergne, Tu, J. David, Dana Ulmer-Scholle

CUSP Outreach Working Group

CUSP outreach working group

CUSP Data Organization Working Group: Collecting Data for Regional Readiness Indices and Designing a CUSP-wide Database

Rich Esser, Franek Hasiuk, Richard Middleton

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