Data-Sharing Service

Poll to determine data-sharing service for CUSP project.
  • Below is a poll to help us determine the best and most appropriate data-sharing service for the CUSP project. The CUSP data-sharing site will be used by the entire team, throughout the project to share collected data and generally collaborate on project tasks and deliverables.
  • Please tell us what organization (NMT, LANL, PNNL, Washington Geological Survey, etc) that you belong to. This would also be the network that you primarily use to connect to any data-sharing service (below).
  • Data-Sharing Services

  • Please register which service(s) you prefer to have the CUSP project use for collaborative data-sharing (drag-and-drop to set preferred service at top).
    • Dropbox
    • Box Drive
    • Google Drive
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Other
  • If you have "Other" data-sharing services that you prefer, please provide the name(s) of these other suggested services.
  • Please identify the service(s) that will NOT work for you/your organization (because of security issues, firewalls, operating systems, other incompatibilities, etc).
  • If you have selected "Other" exceptions to data-sharing services, please provide the name(s) of these other services that will NOT work for you.
  • Please provide any comments regarding data-sharing services for the CUSP project.