Permian Basin Field Trip

Permian Basin Field Trip – July 25 to 27


  • Support economics tasks of the focused CUSP-Lucid project by giving in-person familiarity of field operations.
  • At UTPB, view core representative of Red Hills site
  • Support economics tasks for the broader regional assessment of the Permian Basin, e.g., try to visit other operators, including Kinder Morgan.
  • Throughout the trip, discuss controls on economics/costs for CO2 storage

Schedule/Agenda (Additional Details to be Added)

  • July 25, Monday, travel to Midland/Odessa, TX; folks could meet up in the evening for discussion/dinner if desired 
    • Midland is good for folks flying in; some people drive down from Edgewood NM (~ 6 hr drive from Albuquerque)
    • The university is in Odessa, which is 15 miles from Midland; Bob/Miles will arrange a van to pick folks up as needed
    • UTPB lays out representative core of the reservoir at Red Hills for viewing and discussion in the early evening
  • July 26, Tuesday, Lucid Day
    • Morning, start at 7 am, drive ~ 1.5 hrs to Red Hills (time change when we cross NM-TX border) so we arrive around 8 am MDT
    • Spend morning at Red Hills facilities — see Plant/facilities, discussion in offices at the plant
    • Lunchtime discussion on economics data at Red Hills plant
    • Continue tour of Lucid facilities, compressor stations
    • Travel back to Odessa mid to late afternoon; stops along the route will be added to this agenda 
  • July 27, Wednesday – Odessa area
    • Early morning, Goldsmith Field, meet with Kinder Morgan
    • Other stops in Odessa area, to be determined (e.g. Denver City Hub, Seminole, etc)
    • Afternoon sometime, leave to catch flights in Midland or to drive back to ABQ area

Requirements and Considerations

  • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment (required)
    • Long pants
    • Closed-toe shoes/boots
    • H2S monitor (will be provided by Lucid)
    • Hard hat (can be provided by Lucid)
    • FRC-rated (Fire Retardant Clothing) lab smock (can be provided by Lucid)
    • Safety glasses/goggles (can be provided by Lucid)
    • Ear plugs (can be provided by Lucid)
  • COVID Protocols
    • N95 or equivalent masks will be required for any entry into indoor spaces